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*Download available for Windows (all versions) only.

 NEW Design Optimized interface designed by DJ’s.
Learn 2 Mix.
Learn 2 Mix is an educational project designed to help you get started in the world of DJing. It consists of several steps using various free software tools.


 NEW Improved System Performance: Now optimized for external controllers in single or dual mode.
NEW Six Samples per load (Normal and Hot mode).
NEW Normalize tracks
NEW Multi-channel audio set up
(ASIO, WASAPI and Direct X compatible).

Turn your DJ controller into a controller compatible with DJ ProMixer.

MIDI Learn

 NEW Improved SaveVideo:

Download and convert unlimited videos from YouTube to audio and video files.  

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Save Video imagen ok

Six memory banks CUE / Loop mode selectable Hot / Normal.
• Central Panel Multifunction (Mixer, Effects, Sampler, Automix).
 Advanced Tracklist up to three levels (Playlist, Groups/Subgroups, Explorer), with fast search engine.
• Automatic beat detection.
• Three simultaneous effects (Echo, Flanger Wah).
 Supports a large number of audio formats: MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV, AIFF, WMA, AAC, FLAC.
• Recording
• Trak analysis with automatic BPM detection.
• Reverse/Brake
Multi-sound card compatible.
 NEW Controllers:
90 + Compatible controllers / 15 Brands : Check our Compatible DJ Hardware

 NEW Compatible CDJ / XDJ:
Only 2 USB for a complete integration of your CDJ / XDJ  How to set up your CDJ / XDJ?

Pioneer CDJ / XDJ – HID integration.
Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus
Pioneer CDJ 2000
Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus
Pioneer CDJ 900
Pioneer CDJ 850
Pioneer XDJ 1000
Pioneer XDJ 700
Pioneer CDJ 350
Pioneer CDJ 400

*Download available for Windows (all versions) only.


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